2013 – To date

Founder, Team Leader, CEO & Managing Partner, MNC Consulting Group Limited

MNC Consulting Group Limited is a professional business advisory and consulting firm that offers a wide range of services to their clients tailored to suit the various needs in the dynamic business environment that enable their clients remain relevant and competitive. MNC are experts in; Accounting, Auditing, Human Resource Development, Finance and Investment Advisory, Tax Advisory, Management Consulting, Property Management and Company Secretarial Services.Their stability, integrity, capability, technical leadership, intellectual rigor and wide-range expertise position them as a trusted advisor for their clients. Website: https://www.mncconsulting.co.ke

Responsibilities     :


  • Board administration and support: Supports operations and administration of board by advising and informing board members, interfacing between board and staff, and supporting board’s evaluation of chief executive.
  • Program, product and service delivery: Oversees design, marketing, promotion, delivery and quality of programs, products and services.
  • Financial, tax, risk and facilities management: recommends yearly budget for board approval and prudently manages organization’s resources within those budget guidelines according to current laws and regulations.
  • Human resource management: effectively manages the human resources of the organization according to authorized personnel policies and procedures that fully conform to current laws and regulations.
  • Community and public relations: assures the organization and its mission, programs, products and services are consistently presented in strong, positive image to relevant stakeholders.
  • Defining problems through consultations, meetings and case studies.
  • Reviewing and analyzing information through different reports and researches.
  • Interviewing or facilitating focused group discussions between the firm and the client.
  • Developing and presenting recommendations for the firm to the clients.
  • Developing plans and programs for change implementation in the organization.

The company uses quick books Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for accounting.

Area of specialisation in consulting and advisory


  • Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Tax
  • Planning and Strategy
  • Business incubation
  • Business transformation and turnaround
  • Finance and investment advisory
  • Management Consulting
  • Property Management

January 2012 – February 2014

Managing Director, Ego Manufacturers & Distributors Limited


Ego Manufacturers & Distributors Limited is a middle sized private company that manufactures and distributes the Quality Ego Animal Feeds and Supplements in Kenya. The company major brand “Animal Feeds” has since been acquired by Ego Packers Limited. It has an annual turnover of approximately Ksh 200 million.


  • Exercised executive stewardship of the Company’s resources.
  • Was responsible to the Board for the development of the company and its profitable operations.
  • Prepared and submitted to the Board the company’s annual budget, Management accounts, and financial statements and report as at the end of the financial year.
  • Was responsible of doing business risk analysis in order to identify any instant that would lender the company not be a going concern.
  • Ensured that such necessary action was taken to secure timely and effective implementation of the objectives, policies, strategies and plans set by the Board and of other decisions taken by or on behalf of the Board.
  • Ensured that appropriate objectives, policies, strategies and plans were adopted for each of the businesses of the company.
  • Oversaw the implementation of end to end supply chain management (from procurement of raw materials, conversion of raw material to finished products and exit of finished products)
  • Ensured that performance was effectively monitored, and that guidance or direction was given where appropriate.

The company used Sage ACCPAC Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.

February 2009 – December 2011

Accountant In charge, Chuka University

Chuka University is a Public University that offers high quality and affordable university education in Kenya. It has an annual budget of approximately $12 million. Website: https://www.chuka.ac.ke


  • Prepared and submitted the monthly financial results, budget and quarterly rolling forecasts and complete the reporting requirements to the University Council.
  • Supervised employees in the Finance and Administration Department and was responsible for the overall direction, coordination and evaluation of this unit.
  • Performed detailed account analysis and University month-end processing and reporting.
  • Maintained the general ledger, ensuring compliance with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).
  • Prepared the annual Financial Statements and Reports and Organisations tax returns.
  • Reviewed the monthly Financial Activity Statements and balance sheet reconciliations.
  • Set up and reviewed the financial operations system.
  • Prepared donors and project Accounts.
  • Prepared the University Budget and financial plans.
  • Allocated, monitored, evaluated and conducted variance analysis of the Budget.
  • Reconciled financial records/accounts (donor accounts, creditors, bank reconciliation statement, students records and debtors)
  • Processed salaries and advances.
  • Responded to the audit queries raised by internal and external auditors.
  • Reviewed and made decisions on credit limits of new and existing debtors and creditors.
  • Liaised with corporate office and local brokers for company insurance policies
  • Improved existing processes and streamline workflows
  • Steer headed the implementation of the accounting software: Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly known as Navision) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software


August 2007 – January 2009

Accountant, Egerton University

Egerton University is a Public University that offers high quality and affordable university education in Kenya. It has an annual budget of approximately $30 million. https://www.egerton.ac.ke


  • Prepared monthly management accounts and performed general ledger reconciliations.
  • Prepared the weekly and monthly payroll and all related PAYE, superfund, payroll tax and annual returns.
  • Prepared reports summarising the forecast University business activity and financial position.
  • Determined depreciation rates to apply to capital assets.
  • Maintain the fixed asset register.
  • Coordinated the preparation of year-end statutory accounts and tax return.
  • Prepared reports required by regulatory agencies.
  • Prepared and maintained donors and project accounts.


The University uses Sage ACCPAC Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.


April 2004 – February 2007

Assistant Accountant, Accounts Receivable, DWT East Africa Limited



  • Posted customers payments after recording cash, cheques, and credit card transactions.
  • Posted revenues after verifying and entering transactions and local deposits.
  • Updated receivables by totaling unpaid invoices.
  • Maintained records by microfilming invoices, debits, and credits.
  • Verified validity of account discrepancies by obtaining and investigating information from sales, trade promotions, customer service departments and from customers.
  • Resolved valid or authorized deductions by entering adjusting entries.
  • Resolved invalid or unauthorized deductions by following pending deductions procedures.
  • Resolved collections by examining customer payment plans, payment history, and credit line.
  • Summarized receivables by maintaining invoice accounts; coordinating monthly transfer to accounts receivable account; verifying totals; preparing report.
  • Protected organization’s value by keeping information confidential.
  • Updated job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities.
  • Accomplished accounting and organization mission by completing related results as needed.

The company used Pastel Partner Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.



Jan 2016- to date

Part time Lecturer Murang’a University and Egerton University


Duties and Responsibilities

  • Give lectures and conduct tutorials for various units.
  • Set and administer examinations for units taught.
  • Process and submit examinations results for units taught


Units taught; Financial Forecasting and Modelling, Retail and Merchandise Management, Principles of Marketing, Pension Finance, Intermediate Macroeconomics, Financial accounting 1, Managerial economics and Financial accounting 2, and financial institutions and markets.


September 2006-April 2007

External Affairs Director, Professional Accountants and Secretaries Association (PASA)


Professional Accountants and Secretaries Association (PASA) is an accountants and certified secretaries association that govern both those training and finalist in accounting and certified company secretaries in Egerton University.



  • Made contacts and established meetings with local and regional business, industry and non-profit making organisation leaders with the aim of developing new opportunities and partnership for the trainee in accounting and certified secretaries.
  • Planned, coordinated, and co-operated with executive committee and developed an outreach strategy that significantly expanded and developed the association.
  • Provided support in planning and developing activities of the association, including marketing, outreach and internal relationships within other organization.


March-April 2007

External Affairs Director, Professional Accountants and Secretaries Association (PASA)


Training of Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS)

Training of Certified Public Accountants (CPA) course

2002 and 2005

Polling / Counting clerks, Electoral Commission of Kenya (now Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission)

IEBC is an independent body responsible for conducting or supervising referenda and elections to any elective body or office established by the Constitution, and any other elections as prescribed by an Act of Parliament in Kenya.



  • Managed the queue.
  • Interviewed the elector when he or she approached the desk.
  • Requested the elector to produce his or her National ID card.
  • Checked all documents to ensure that the electors were entitled to vote, whether for himself or herself, as a proxy, or to assist a visually impaired or otherwise differently abled person, or with a Certificate of Employment.
  • Announced loudly for all to hear, the serial number and name of the elector.
  • Referred ordinary electors to the Assistant Presiding Officer.
  • Referred special electors (the differently abled) to the Presiding Officer.
  • Counted the votes after the casting.
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